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SALT & Claim

Exclusive Rewards.

Earn SALT points for all your engagements in the Ethereum blockchain & Brine. 🚀

Get rewarded for being a part of the community.

Every time you trade, swap, lend, borrow or vote in Ethereum Mainnet, you get SALT points which increase your score.

On-Chain presence

Interact with the Blockchain.

SALT points are earned every time you interact with the blockchain, which includes swapping, trading, staking, lending, and anything else that involves spending gas.

On-Brine presence

Trade more often.

Boost your SALT score by depositing, trading more and referring your frens on Brine.

Community presence

Connect your social handles.

Increase your SALT score by engaging with crypto or Brine related topics on Twitter or Brine Discord Channel. Do keep in mind that spamming will not provide points.

Be rewarded

Claim your Rewards.

Your SALT score allows you to redeem multiple rewards, which  includes Exclusive NFTs, Fee rebates, Crypto assets up to 100k$, merchandise & many more.

Frequently Asked Questions.

If you have a question not listed here, at support@brine.fi, we are at your service.

What does SALT Score mean?

Your SALT Score on Brine, is the score assigned to your public address as per your interactions with the blockchain such as lending, borrowing, staking and your engagement with Brine on social media such as Discord and Twitter.

How would a high SALT Score benefit me?

Having a high SALT Score will make you eligible for claiming:
1. Brinerd NFT Collection
2. Exclusive Merchandise
3. Reduced Trading Fee on Brine
4. VIP Access to Brine Events

How do I improve my SALT Score?

You can improve your SALT Score by interacting and engaging with the Brinerd community after connecting your Twitter and Discord account on this page and by trading more frequently on Brine.

Is my Social Media Data safe?

Just like we provide complete privacy for your trading positions on Brine using ZK Proofs, we use the same technology to protect your affiliated data as well.

When can I claim my SALT Score benefits?

You can claim them on the Brine rewards page.