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Best Prices.

Built by traders for traders for the ultimate DEX-perience 🚀

Choose us for optimal liquidity and spread.

Brine's external DMM program and internal MM strategies provides competitive spread on top trading pairs.

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100% privacy on your trading positions thanks to zkP.

We leverage zkP (zero knowledge proofs) to enable complete privacy on your trading positions.

TPS only with us.

Brine’s matching engine can scale up to 600,000 TPS,
ensuring instant execution of orders.

Referral rebates up to 50%

Get up to 50% of your referrals’ trading fee. This may seem common in centralised exchanges, however we are the first to do this in the DEX space.

Our waitlist has over 100K+ users from 20+ countries worldwide.

We have gained the trust of over 100K users and this number is growing substantially.

Our offerings.

We offer both UI based and API based trading experiences.

Easy integration

Plug and play APIs.

Easy integration and switching from your current CEX APIs (simple CCTX plug-in) or DEX aggregator APIs.

Smart order routing

Orderbook DEX.

Brine aggregates liquidity from both CEX and DEX, providing the best prices across multiple exchanges via our smart order router.

Why pick us?

We are geared towards institutional and high-frequency trading, and provide best-in-class liquidity management through our orderbook DEX APIs.

No counter-party risk

End to end decentralised (non-custodial) without need for credit lines or collateral transparent proof of reserves on-chain.

Complete privacy on your trading positions

We leverage zkP (zero knowledge proofs) to enable complete privacy on your trading positions.

instant trade
Built for scale & speed

Supports TPS of upto 600K with instant order finality. Unlike traditional DEXs, Brine provides reliable execution of orders with an industry low latency of 80ms.

referral rebate
Aligned incentive and pricing structure

Lowest price (0.02% fee) with referral rebates upto 50%.

Brine works best for you

If you fall into any of the domains below then it's a match!

  •    📱 CeDeFi app or exchange
  • 📈 High frequency quant / algo trader
  • 🔐 Institutional trader

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