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Nurturing Passion,

Driving Excellence,

Inspiring Growth.

With a strong emphasis on teamwork, we encourage open communication, value diverse perspectives, and celebrate the power of collective brilliance. 🚀

Our Culture.

We pride ourselves on fostering an inclusive and collaborative environment that inspires our talented team to push boundaries and reach new heights. Your growth chart looks green with us!

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Culture Facts
We believe that diversity is our strength, and we are committed to providing equal opportunities for everyone.

We foster an inclusive environment where diverse voices are valued, ideas are celebrated, and all team members have an equal chance to grow, thrive, and contribute to our collective success.

Work hands on to contribute towards our mutual growth.

Together, we create a dynamic ecosystem that inspires everyone to evolve, excel, and unlock their full potential.

Gain experience early by building along with us.

Build early in the DeFi industry together with us while  building your own value simultaneously.

Perks for our team

We want nothing but the best for our team.

Flexible leaves

We feel everyone deserves a break once in a while to recharge themselves!

ESOP allotments

We believe our team should also reap benefits, as their efforts translate into new milestones in the form of ESOPs.

health benefits
Health benefits

Our entire team and their families have been insured to reap health related benefits in terms of health insurance.


We conduct town-halls every month to ensure everyone knows what's going on and is updated.

Hear what our team has to say about us.

By prioritizing ongoing learning and encouraging a growth mindset, we empower our team to reach their full potential and drive collective success..

Guru Kishore
I have been fortunate to be part of this Brine's incredible culture and workplace , where innovation and collaboration thrive. Brine's emphasis on learning and growth  has allowed me to continuously expand my skillset and explore new technologies. The supportive and inclusive environment encourages open communication and idea-sharing, fostering a true sense of belonging. I feel valued and empowered as an engineer, as my contributions are recognised and celebrated.
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M. Mythili
As a visual designer at Brine, I am amazed by the vibrant and collaborative culture that fuels creativity and innovation. The company truly values design thinking and encourages cross-functional collaboration, allowing me to work closely with diverse teams and contribute to meaningful projects.  The open and inclusive environment nurtures an atmosphere of trust and respect, where ideas are welcomed and individual voices are heard. I feel inspired and motivated every day, knowing that my work has a significant impact on the product and the company's success.
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Chethan Guthal
Joining Brine has offered me unparalleled opportunities for growth, impact, and personal development. You get the chance to work on cutting-edge projects, contribute directly to the company's success, and witness your ideas come to life. The dynamic and fast-paced environment fosters innovation, collaboration, and ownership, allowing you to make a meaningful difference and shape the company's trajectory.
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Christine George
I’m fortunate to be part of an extremely talented and energetic team whose passion, creativity and innovation are truly inspiring. Brine’s amazing work culture motivates me to make a difference through my work.  I also have the opportunity to balance personal and professional growth at Brine, thanks to the employee welfare protocols that we have in place. Our organisation values all contributions and celebrates achievements, making each day at Brine a rewarding and fulfilling experience.
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We’re hiring!

Open positions

Our philosophy is simple — hire a team of diverse, passionate people and foster a culture that empowers you to do your best work.


To build and lead the development and implementation of robust, scalable, and efficient web applications using Ruby on Rails.
To design, develop, and maintain high-quality web apps using the ROR framework while providing technical leadership and guidance to the development team.
To build and set up new development tools and infrastructure.