Trade with your assets on Starknet

A guide to using your Starknet assets to trade on Brine
Published on
08 Nov 2023
Ram Kumar
Content Writer
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Stan Lee may not have heard of STARK, but we are no strangers to the term. In the MCU, ‘Stark’ is the genius engineer associated with technologically advanced inventions; in the real world, StarkWare has redefined the blockchain industry through its innovative solutions.

While a crossover between Marvel and Brine might seem far off, Starkware and Brine have come together to bring Starknet to our platform. 

In this blog, we will talk about STARKs and Starknet. If you are already familiar with them, and want to learn how to access Starknet on our platform, you can just skip the next two sections.

First up, STARKs!

STARKs, which stands for ‘Scalable, Transparent ARgument of Knowledge’, is a proof system that helps prove and verify computations. It plays a big role in the scalability of blockchain by allowing large computations to take place off-chain and the verification to be done on-chain. This leads to lower gas fees and enables the blockchain to handle more transactions.

So what is Starknet?

StarkWare provides L2 solutions based on STARK technology, and Starknet is a permissionless network where any user can develop and deploy dApps using StarkWare’s very own language, Cairo. In StarkWare’s own words, ‘Starknet sequencers batch transactions and send them to be processed and proved’. 

This not only allows for scalability and higher efficiency, but also makes it more affordable, faster and more accessible.  

In simpler terms, the majority of the load is taken off-chain, a proof to validate it is created, and is verified on-chain. Starknet compiles transactions in batches, processes them off-chain and gets them verified on-chain. This in turn reduces the gas fee and allows for more transactions to take place at the same time.  

Finally, the guide!

Brine is excited to bring you Starknet, the third network to be integrated with us, after Ethereum and Polygon. Here’s a guide to accessing Starknet on our Mainnet.

  • Once you have logged in to our Mainnet, click on ‘Wallets’ on the left side tab.
  • Click on ‘Deposit’.
  • Choose Starknet under ‘Network’.
  • Connect your Starknet wallet 

(Note: You can either use Braavos or ArgentX)

  • Accept the permissions and Approve to connect your wallet to Brine.
  • Enter the desired amount you want to transfer. Click on ‘Confirm’.
  • Accept the required permissions to sign the transaction.


  • Congratulations! Your deposit has been initiated successfully. There might be a waiting period for the transaction to be completed, and you will be notified via the notification icon on the top right corner.

(Note: To check on your deposit status, you can either click on 'Track Deposit' or go to the ‘History’ section from the left side menu and check under ‘Deposits’.)

  • You are ready to trade!

If you notice any issues while using the Brine platform, please contact for assistance. 

On a lighter note:

Happy Trading!