How to make the most of Brine?

Published on
5 July 2023
Christine George
Content Writer
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Whether you’re new to the world of trading or a seasoned trader, Brine can be your best mate. If you're looking for an exchange that gives you the best of both worlds, look no further than Brine Fi. Our DeFi platform is built on Starkware and hosts multiple features (including a few that are unique to us) that help users to maximise their earnings.

Here's a rundown of Brine Finance's power features and how you can use them to your advantage:

P&L Analysis

Starting off with the most relevant feature, Brine boasts a tool which clearly illustrates the variations in an asset's value over a period of time. It helps traders to gauge the asset’s performance and make informed decisions to maximise their profit.


Brine prides itself on its gasless trading protocols, which charges users 0 gas fees and only a trading fee of 0.01%. When the peripheral costs are so low, your margin of profit becomes much higher.

Referral Rebates

Earning money actively is one thing, but what if you could make money doing basically nothing? It’s possible, with Brine! You can earn up to 50% of the trading fees of your referrals. The more active traders you refer, the more you can earn.


Order books can help you know a crypto asset's supply and demand pressures, with which you can determine if the market is bullish or bearish. The book shows you buying and selling orders at different prices and volumes, and you can use that to know if a token price will move higher or lower in the short term.

User Control

With Brine, users have full control over their funds, enabling them to trade without the intervention of intermediaries or centralised entities. This increased autonomy allows traders to maximise profits while minimising costs.


Another significant advantage is that Brine is completely transparent in all its trades, which makes it easier for traders to get insight into orders made by other traders, and thus diversify their investments.

The Final Word

In conclusion, Brine offers several features to help users earn yield on their crypto assets. It's important to start small, do your own research, diversify investments across multiple liquidity pools, stay informed on industry developments and take advantage of rewards and/or freebies. Patience and diligence are key when it comes to navigating the complex world of DeFi platforms.

If you haven’t tried out the Brine Mainnet yet, now is your chance. Start trading on Brine, and enjoy a whole new DEX-perience.