Brine: The Gasless, Instant, Orderbook DEX on Starkware

Brine is a revolutionary decentralized exchange (DEX) built on top of Starkware's Layer 2 scaling solution. We offer users instant and gasless trading with an orderbook model, which is a significant improvement over the existing automated market maker (AMM) model of DEXs. Additionally, we are set to launch Brine’s Beta Mainnet on April 27th for the first 5K users.

End-to-end decentralization while maintaining scalability.

Brine is designed to be fully decentralized, with no central authority controlling the platform. At the same time, it is built on top of Starkware's Layer 2 scaling solution, which enables it to offer instant and gasless trading with an orderbook model. This means that users can place limit orders and execute trades instantly, just like they would on a centralized exchange, without paying gas fees or waiting for confirmation or taking counter-party risks.

Trading Competitions and Leaderboard

To celebrate the Beta Mainnet Launch, we are hosting trading competitions for early birds. The competitions will be based on trading volume, and the winners will receive rewards in the form of tokens and exclusive schwags. Additionally, we will feature a leaderboard that ranks the top traders based on their trading volumes. The leaderboard will display the top traders' usernames, trading volumes, and rewards earned, promoting competition among traders and creating a sense of community within the platform.

Incentivizing the Brinerd Community

Brine is committed to rewarding its community for their engagement and support. As part of this initiative, we will be airdropping limited-edition Brine merchandise to early adopters. Users can earn the merchandise by participating in community activities, such as referring friends, sharing Brine on social media, and providing feedback on the platform's user experience in the Discord group.

Brine's Salt Score

We are also introducing the concept of the Salt Score, which is a credit score for the Brinerd community. The Salt Score will measure users' engagement and activity within the Brine ecosystem and provide them with rewards based on their score. The Salt Score will be an essential factor in determining users' eligibility for exclusive events, promotions, and other perks.

Brinerds NFT

To further incentivise user engagement, we are introducing Brinerds NFTs. Users can get a chance to own a Brinerd NFT by supporting us on Twitter and Discord. Owning a Brinerd NFT will entitle them to a discount of up to 50% on trading fees and much more exclusive access to events hosted by us. The NFTs are designed to be collectible and tradable, creating a secondary market for them within the Brine ecosystem.


Brine's Beta Mainnet, scheduled to go live on April 27th, marks a significant milestone in the development of decentralized trading. Brine's gasless, instant, orderbook model on top of Starkware's Layer 2 scaling solution is set to revolutionize DEX trading forever.