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The decentralized order-book exchange for traders crafted by traders 🚀

Hold smarter, Trade faster.

Brine helps you trade trustless without having to compromise on fees, swiftness, experience & liquidity. Only pay for what you trade 💰

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Pay 0% gas fees on your trades.

On Brine you need to pay no gas fees for your trades, only a transaction fee of 0.02%.

TPS only with us.

Brine’s matching engine can scale up to 600,000 TPS,
ensuring instant execution of orders.

Referral rebates up to 50%

Get up to 50% of your referrals’ trading fee. This may seem common in centralised exchanges, however we are the first to do this in the DEX space.

Our waitlist has over 100K+ users from 20+ countries worldwide.

We have gained the trust of over 100K users and this number is growing substantially.

Experience the Ultimate DEX-perience.

Track your portfolio, get better P&L analysis, and trade like a pro at zero gas fee.

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Trade easy

Intuitive and clean design.

Enjoy the best trading experience using order-books on a DEX. Focus on your trading positions and leave the rest to us.


Need an Orderbook? You're at the right place.

Being an orderbook DEX makes it easier to switch from your CEX to Brine.

4 Power features everyone needs to see.

Brine is packed with impressive features to enhance your trading experience.

End to end decentralised

Just as the golden rule of Crypto says - not your keys, not your coins.

instant trade
Blazing fast order execution

Place your orders instantly and have your market orders processed within milliseconds.

orderbook trading

With us, you don't need to worry about gas fees anymore.

referral rebate
Earn while you sleep

Let your referrals work for you and fetch you up to 50% of their trading fee.

Hear what our users have to say about us.

Say goodbye to non-custodial ways of trading for good and say ahoy to the new DEX trader in you.

David Lee
"What I appreciated most about using Brine app was the ability to trade without the need for a middleman. This eliminated the need for trust in a third party, and I felt more secure trading on Brine knowing that I had complete control over my funds.“
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Adalyn Parker
The decentralised nature of Brine app  meant that I had complete control over my funds, and I didn't have to worry about any central authority having access to my private information. The platform's user-friendly interface made it easy for me to navigate, and I was able to execute trades quickly and efficiently without any hassle.
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Sarah Johnson
I have been using various centralised exchanges for my cryptocurrency trading needs, but recently I switched to Brine app with instant trade execution and order-book support, and my trading experience has never been better. My orders were executed without delay.
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Jessica B.
What impressed me most about this orderbook DEX was the instant trade execution. I no longer had to wait for my orders to be filled, and I could take advantage of market opportunities quickly and efficiently.
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David K.
I was a bit hesitant to switch from a centralized exchange (CEX) to DEX for trading. However, once I gave Brine a try, I was blown away by how easy and simple it was to use.
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Ajay Sharma
retail trader
I never would have thought I would be trading on a DEX while ensuring privacy of my trades and positions. Brine's ZK edge tech totally changes that. DEX trading will never be the same!
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